Friday, April 15, 2005


This is something fun we started back when I worked at Big Idea. Several years back Greg Hardin, one of the illustrators who works at Big Idea, started up a bi-weekly themed sketch club. As Big Idea underwent the painful turmoil of it's bakruptcy and the resulting purging of employees the Drawer Geeks kinda fell by the wayside. But thankfully Greg's revived it and many of the original suspects have been contributing from their various new places of employ and life. There is some amazing stuff here indeed! You all need to swing by and check it out. There's all kinds of styles represented. And while I hate myself for not getting involved more often (I always seem to be up to my eyeballs in work) I secretly geek out on the visual feast that others provide. Anyhow, I think this stuff is the bee's knees and I wanted to give Greg a big props for getting the Drawer Geeks back up and running. Who knows, I might even join in on this week's festivities- pirates! So go check it out. You won't be disappointed.



George Castro said...

Hey Keith,
This is totally cool! I heard of this secret society a while ago from Mark Behm :) Is now open to the public? How can I get in on this sketch club?

Thanks for the great link.


Justin said...


If you read the DrawerGeeks FAQ, you'll notice at the bottom that it's by invitation only (and you'll also read the reason why).

It would be cool to invite tons of people to join the group, but then it would become a burden for the moderator to manage. Maybe someday...

George Castro said...

Ah yes. Thanks Justin. And you're right, it would be difficult if the club was overloaded with too many members. I will try to wiggle my way in nonetheless ;)


brecht debaene said...

some awesome stuff in there!

chuck vollmer has a new fan..

Josh Bowman said...

Wow those guys do seriously cool artwork, i love all the different styles and takes on the same subject.