Monday, September 12, 2005

I love my job

The events of recent weeks have caused me to sit and count my blessings. One of the tops on the list is that I get to do this cool animation stuff for a living. Folks who know me know I've done a LOT of different jobs in my life. (someday I'll post them all here as a list). To be able to animate for a living? It's like being Peter Pan, except without the tights and the nagging gender questions.

This past week at work was a really good week. I have two scenes that are just a total blast to work on. I managed to get them both keyed out and get the blocking approved, something like 28 feet of work (18.5 seconds for those who are keeping track). I was in a bit of a groove, too. I knew what I wanted, I planned really tight, I could see the performances in my mind's eye before I ever started. I could envision every move, every breakdown, every facial expression. It was fun to bring it all out on screen. After getting the buyoff on the performances I was sitting at my desk thinking, man, I love my job. I'm so thankful for the blessing to be able to do this for a living.

Of course now I have to clean it all up and make sure I don't ruin these scenes and lose the energy. It'll be a real challenge to polish these things to the gills. Should be fun!


Lars van Schagen said...

It's great when things flow from your hands, that's happiness in a way. Knowing what you want, working it out and finally executing it without even ever having too put too much energy in it. That's bliss.

greetz Lars

Chip Lotierzo said...

Hey Keith,

I know what you mean man. I've been at Blue Sky for 2 months now and everyday I think how awsome it is to animate for a living. I have been blessed with a great job!! Btw, say hi to Jason Hendrich for me, I think he sits across from you, hehe.


J said...

Great post Keith.
Getting to do what you love is really a big blessing nowadays. It's wonderful to hear that you are where you are loving what you do. Thanks for sharing.