Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Quicktime 7 for older OS's

I got this cool tip from a VTS subscriber today. Check it out....

I'm still using Windows 98 but I've found that VLC media player can open
Quicktime 7 files on my operating system.
So if anyone has trouble opening the files due to an old OS just send
them over to and hopefully that should sort
things out.

Thanks to Abe for that one. So all you old school OS users, you can use QT 7 files. And Quicktime 7 is really, really cool. H.264 codec. Mmmmmm. Tasty.


Anonymous said...

The problem is with shortcoming DRM technology, this kind* of player will be illegal.

Videolan is great, it's working on a lot of platform, read a lot of videos natively without being messed up with codec's installation/spyware/adware etc etc... Again a good exemple about how "closed sources" and proprietary software are fu***** on our rights.


*player opensource

vm said...

well I'm a bit dissapointed in QT7 actually (although I love QT video), or maybe it's just my install here... but it seems like the loop function is screwed up and it also absolutely refuses to open movies in the same player. ok, my QT pros and cons:
pros - sorenson3 is the greatest video compression ever (ok, with one problem - smooth images like ramps get artifacts no matter what); QT streams very nice, so it's great for web; no codecs to install, only the player; very handy extra-options for embeding it in html (an not only).
cons - awful sound compression for most cases, with only 2 exceptions - qdesign pro at 128k (unfortunately... you go any lower and it becomes pretty much unusable) and mp3, IF you have a soft that lets you compress into mp3 (I only know one - sorenson squeeze); in qt player you can accidentally screw up your movie file by mixing another one in and saving... this is just plain irresponsable, to have a player be able to make changes to a movie file; qt and itunes bundled together - makes qt installer very large and forces you to instal itunes (itunes installs 3 guadrillion files and writes other 2 bugzillion registry values and is, I think, the biggest mess of a player I've ever seen). ok, I've complained enough. peace on earth and happy squeeeeeeeezinnnnnnn... :D