Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It’s not just me

In my previous post I lament my growing exasperation with the idea of realism being the driving factor in most big budget CG productions these days.

Seems I’m not alone in this (not that I ever thought I was). Andreas Dejas expresses similar thoughts in a recent interview with the Albequerque Tribune. To quote Mr. Dejas…

But while computer animation has become more realistic, he noted, the medium is due for a change. It needs “more of a vision than just realism.”

“In this industry, you have to constantly re-invent,” he said. “You have to surprise people; otherwise, they won’t come to the theater.”

He sees the future of animation as a “fusion” of cutting-edge computer animation and classic hand drawing. “I see big possibilities in the blending of the two mediums.”

While I don’t necessarily feel the need to have my opinions validated by others (I’m enough of a grump not to really give a rip if folks agree with me or not :) ), it’s nice to know that animators of far greater accomplishment, skill and talent than little ol’ me are thinking along the same lines. It bodes well for what we may see in the coming years, I think.

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