Tuesday, June 20, 2006

VTS still alive…


I’ve recently had some folks write and ask

“Hey, is your VTS still alive and active?”

Wow, if that isn’t an indictment of my communication skills I don’t know what is. Heh. Yes, the VTS is still going. June saw the release of VTS16, the fifth installment in our acting and scene blocking discussion. If you want to join now is as good a time as any. And don’t worry if you missed any previous videos. Subscribers are given access to pick up any of the previous video they wish, in any order they want at any time they want. Back issue VTS videos aren’t available to the general public just yet, though. I’m working on a shopping cart solution that will make back issue videos that are more than 10 months old available to the non-subscriber public (added bonus- it will work with plain old credit cards as well as PayPal accounts. For those of you in non-PauPal nations this will be good news). That should be working soon- probably a couple weeks. So if you haven’t been able to subscribe for some reason in the past, soon you’ll be able to get back issue videos and start following the VTS on your own.

And while I’m talking about the VTS, thanks to Victor Escardo you can see an index of all previous videos in the VTS. This handy little document details how long each video is, what topics are covered and provides a few screen grabbed thumbnails of the video as well. So if you have ever wondered “Gee, I wonder what Keith has talked about in his VTS videos?” , well, wonder no more!
I realize I haven’t been able to keep the general public well informed on the VTS, but the coming weeks and months that will change. One of the primary benefits of working for myself now will be having the time to better promote and communicate about the VTS, as well as some other things developing. So expect to see more about the VTS as the days go by. And also exect to see the look of this site change a bit. I’m going to be merging the identities of my personal site (keithlango.com) as well as my studio site (klangoanimation.com). The redesign promises to make it much easier to find what you’re looking for-whether it’s about my personal adventures in Brazil, the VTS or tutorials, my short films or other developing services and products. I hope to have the site redesign working by mid July at the latest.

So yeah… it’s good to have time to do things that I want to do around here. Not having to work 6 days a week on a film crunch sure helps.

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