Friday, July 21, 2006

Bryan Ballinger Rocks My World!

I present to you Breadwig: The Blog!

One of my most favoritest human beings on the planet and one of my best friends to boot, Bryan Ballinger is just awesome! We first met when working together at Big Idea. Bryan is the fella that I teamed up with to write our children’s book, The Great Cheese Squeeze.


Buy it. We won’t get anything from it anymore I’m sure, but you’ll dig it. We’d just be happy to know that you to read it out loud to your kids, dog, cat, goldfish, old neighbor, mechanic, parole officer- Whoever. We’re easy like that. Anyhow, in meetings we’d fill pad after pad of Post-It-Notes with insane drawings of highly questionable quality and repute (the original Pictures for Patrick). And we’d have a blast doing it. Long before the whole Diet Coke/Mentos craze we managed to create a food bomb out of a half consumed bottle of Yoo-hoo chocolate drink, half a cream filled donut, 3 twizzlers and an old piece of candy apple bubblegum. Let it cook for 7 days behind a hot monitor and watch it blow. The sound was so loud that people from all over the studio thought something bad had happened and came for a look. Little did they expect to see fermented brown foam dripping from the ceiling tiles 14 feet overhead. That’s how far up the Yoo-hoo geyser went. It was AWESOME!!!! The smell, ehh… not so much. When we moved our desks some 6 months later we found half a twizzler fragment all dried like jerky behind a bookshelf. How can that NOT be the coolest thing? Heh. Even lo these many years after we were both gone from Big Idea it’s manifestly evident that Bryan’s fascination with odd food, his eclectic taste in music, his ever present fanny pack and his taste for plaid flannel shorts all combine to kick a serious groove in the artistic world. Don’t believe me? Check out his new blog Breadwig. It’s filled with some of his doodles and stuff, as well as some t-shirt designs he’s been doing for Pantelope (groovy t-shirt designs and stuff you can buy. So buy some.)
Breadwig was a name Bryan and I came up with one day while riding the METRA train to work in Chicago. It came from some odd thing we had read (whether true or not was not of major concern) about the way that colonial men had for making those swank powdered wigs they kicked with back then. Seems (allegedly) that you’d take human or horse hair, put it into the shape you wanted with curlers, stick it in a lump of bread dough and bake that sucker to get it all set and shaped. Think of it as an edible curling iron that’s great with jam. Anyhow, funny name, silly logo and groovilicious funny drawings blog. Bryan’s regular portfolio site is Check out his 3d and 2d illos there, all with his torqued twist on life. And for some real insight into the dark mind of a master, check out his love child It is humor so dry that you need a glass of water to survive it. However it’s so on the mark in its commentry about the corporate speak of the 21st century that you just have to admit that it’s pure genious. I bought this shirt and wear it proudly….


Yeah, I’m a fan. Bryan rocks.

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