Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Manufactured Image: Successes

Just so you guys don’t think I’m a hater or anything, here are some scenes that I think work pretty well. They may not all be styles or color themes that everybody loves, but in general they’re quite sound and you can make compelling arguments that they have a structure that works.

cars-ok 021.jpg

cars-ok 01.jpg


IA-OKish 02.jpg


nemo ok2.jpg

nemo ok.jpg





openseason ok3.jpg

openseason ok.jpg

openseason ok4.jpg

robots ok.jpg

robots ok3.jpg




nemo ok3.jpg

See? I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom. Scenes can come out looking quite nice. Perhaps they were key scenes for the sequence and thus got a bit more attention? Maybe they’re just happy accidents? I do think some of them had a clear strong sense of design right from the start and thus the elements just worked. Some of them were finished relatively early in the production schedule to make them fit into trailers, thus they may have had the time and freedom to go over them and make some adjustments, a luxury that could not be afforded when the other 1200 scenes needed to get done under a crunch. Whatever the case, good art does happen under the current paradigm. It can’t be helped, there is a ton of talent and skill in every one of these studios. You can’t keep that from sneaking through.

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