Friday, August 22, 2008

Messin' around with the 'toons

I've been messing around with various little animation tests done in a very cartoony style. You know, just for kicks.

click to play a very short clip

Animated on 2's, for those that are keeping score at home. I probably could have done the leg scrambles on 1's, but I wanted to see how it looked on 2's.


Tim said...

I think the legs look great. I just wanted his eyes to hang in place until frame 13 before they snapped to follow the rest of his head.
But that's just me.

Thom said...

Heh, you animated on 1s at 12fps -- cheater! ;)

I like the big eyes hold. 4 frames (in 24fps) is just the right length. What he really needs is curvy rather than angular limbs, though.

Hmm...I like Tim's idea of the eyes staying behind a lot. That would be really Clampett (a new adjective).

Keith Lango said...

Cheating?! Wha...

Yeah, you're right. :) But it's fun, man. I love animating on 2's. It feels like there's less computer and more animator on the screen. :)

The eyes remaining behind- that's a great idea. The rig's not built to handle that, but I can make that happen without too much trouble. Bendy limbs.. that's another rig issue but that one isn't an easy fix. I do have my own rigs that I'm building that can handle that, though. Soon I'll run that rig through the grinder of tests to see how it goes.

Glad ya's like it. This style is a lot of fun. A guy could get hooked on this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith, Nice post, that stuff is lots of fun... Its also nice to see stuff on 2s.. I have always tried/liked/tested animation on 2s and 3s and liked the feeling. That was when I was first getting in to 3d though and I did not know enough about what I was doing then:)

Anyway, I know its a test but I wanted to offer a few ideas...

Frame 10-11 , head on 11 could have been left farther on screen by a scale(stretch, smear frame) and it would not pop like it feels like it is now..

frame 8, the arms pose feels a bit muddy, with the hands overlaping the leg etc.. just does not read as well as it could.. and if you look at it vs. thinking about that same pose as a drawing, the rams would not be a strait out line like they are I think. ( I know you can bendy them but you could curve break the joints a bit to keep out the strait lines).

same with hips potion.

frame 9- toe could point back )- instead of the /- instead of starting to interp forward.

Head could push a bit to the left as a micro antic. and to help keep the snappiness but lend to more a drawn feel where things are not locked in perfect place.

Anyway, I just wanted to stop in and say hi and hear my self type a bit:) And I wanted to encourage you to do more, cause its fun to watch.

Tim said...

Hey Keith,

Do you have Goldberg's book yet? He's got some great tips on mixing 1's & 2's. I'm sure it would spark a great many ideas in that fertile brain of yours.
Whaddya mean the character's not rigged to do something? Oh the limitations of CG animation!! Imagine the necessary rigging on a character like Roger Rabbit, or Tex Avery's Wolf, or the Genie.

Thom said...

I was just lamenting the restrictiveness of rigs on another blog today. I wish somebody would do a lot of R&D on a different paradigm for rigging. Make it easy and flexible and non-restrictive.

I want to have total control of the shapes the character makes at all times. Seems like there should be a way. All the software makers seem interested in is realistic fur and junk like that.

Anonymous said...
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