Friday, September 26, 2008

Hell Kitchen -- short film

A former APT student of mine, Raoul Olou, - along with his friend Sigmund Payne - have recently posted their short film called Hell Kitchen online.
It's fun and I love the visual style of the short. It's a very clever use of CG. I love how europeans are able to think outside the hyper-realism box. Congrats go out to Raoul and Sigmund for a great job on a very cool little film


Andrew Lee said...

That was pretty awesome!

Josh Bowman said...

very cool, I did like the style a lot.

I liked the way it was heading until it suddenly turned into "hell". At that point it sort of lost it's way a bit and I couldn't really follow what was happening (I knew what was happening, it was just rather hap-hazard). I wanted to see more of the "creature" in the dog food.

But overall very nicely done, I'd like to see more creative ways of using CG like this.

aabid said...

Really impressed. Cool way of using CG. Different style makes the short more appealing. Story was also nicely delivered.


Keep Animating :)

Nate said...

That was so much fun.... I love to see animators just run with their ideas and make something with so much energy.

Raoul Olou said...

Thanks a whole lot for those comment and thank you Keith fot posting my student film :D

Breadwig said...

That was truly a hoot.