Monday, November 03, 2008

My take on the US election....

Would you like to be stabbed with a sharp stick in the right eye or the left eye?

That's it. Those are your choices.

We'll talk about this again in 4 years.


nate said...

care to expand?

Anonymous said...

The two party political system is (and always has been) a criminal conspiracy against the American people. When both parties are controlled by the same invisible hand, there can only be one winner...the invisible hand; i.e., the plutocrats, i.e....the ruling class.

It doesn't matter, really. Blue or Red, pick a side, make your choice. Whichever wins will bring more war, more bailouts, more suffering. Why? Because the people these candidates really work for make lots and lots and lots and lots of money off of it.

Anyone wanna bet that within six months of inauguration, we will suffer another "terrorist" attack that will draw us further into military conflict? Hopefully the next one will have a more believable "official story".

BTW, if you really want to go down the rabbit hole, read "The Creature from Jekyll Island". It pretty much explains the whole shebang.

Anirudh said...

hehehehe, well said Keith...!

Anonymous said...

Left eye, please.

Anonymous said...

It's really sad, when every election boils down to trying to pick the least bad option.

Tim said...

At least Starbucks is giving away free coffee to voters today... and Ben & Jerry's is giving away free ice cream between 5-8pm. Hope you can see your way to a shop.

By the way, I am suspicious that the conspiracy theory was posted by "Anonymous". What are we to make of that?

Anonymous said...

maybe treat it as an educational experience?

Unknown said...

Yeah it's probably true that post-election politics won't change that much. But come on dude, there's demonstrable, important differences between the candidates.

Anonymous said...

Right eye.

Andrew Lee said...

Can I just go with a finger poke in the nose????

There are plenty of gold nuggets in there to replenish the treasury.

We can hire 'anonymous" to make sure that each each and every nugget is accounted for and that no invisible hands are picking our loot.

Tim said...

Dear Anonymous,

I was only making a joke, not trying to make a serious dig at your post. Nothing personal.

You posted a conspiracy; I was compounding it with irony. I guess the humor was lost.

Keith Lango said...

I appreciate the passion, but you kinda nullify your own point. If there are 'demonstrable, important differences between the candidates', but the post-election process for governing the nation is unaffected by them, then it's logical to conclude that those differences are not indeed 'important'. After all, if a distinction has no bearing on results, it's considered nothing more than noise.

But hey, America elected a black president. From a historical perspective it's certainly a watershed kind of moment. Is that meaningful for the ultimate governing of the nation? I highly doubt it. Is it meaningful from a social fabric point of view? Yes, I think it's very meaningful.

Wonkey the Monkey said...

I think Rich is right. The real choice was "would you rather have this sharp stick in your left eye or your right eardrum?"

Andreas said...

Well whoever is the president ill keep both eyes and like George Carlin said "on the day of election i stay home dont wanna waste my time". Maybe its just me but what the heck. To all those people who think that elections make a difference i would say to buy some history books and try understand for yourself what is really happening in the world the last couple of hunders years.

Also even if its meaningful from a social pov what difference does it make anyway. I mean these days its all about money and as long as some major corporations are in control they will always find ways to manipulate even the strongest leaders. Its a win win situation for them because now they even have a pretty face to pose.

On the important stuff now. Keith i wanna say thanks for all the tuts i been downloading them like crazy for some time now almost half way there. I havent posted here yet so that would make it my first post woohoo anyway there is so much info in your tuts that its unreal. Keep it up iam loving it.

Anonymous said...

The Unfortunate thing is barack Obama does actually seem to embody and be the hope that everyone is looking for. It really gives us the feeling that we really do have the power to defeat those who are trying to control us. Unfortunately it seems that to often giving the people a figure of hope and change turns out to be more of a sedative to make them more ready to accept the agendas that those who are really in control want to carry out.

Andrew Lee said...

anonymous...Who and what are you talking about? Who, specifically, are these big bad monsters in control of us sheep? "Giving the people a figure of hope and change turns out to be more of a sedative"....where in the crap did you get that should write a can call it "A Pessimists Guide to Living a Hopeless Life".

Andreas.....Wha? I've read my fair share of history, and I can't possibly imagine how you think that the outcome of an election makes no difference.

I'll humor you for a moment...What is your alternative?

Should we not vote? Just let it go and see what happens?

I promise I'm not trying to be rude, but I mean you guys are going to have to explain all of this to me.....Who are these false wizards behind the curtain, and why is it a hopeless endeavor to challenge them?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but Obama would not bring his daughters out on stage AND promise them a puppy if he were not the real deal.

You will see! In the next year he will start inviting top animators into the white house to change policy for the better.

Andreas said...

I thought i already explained that. The thing with US is that it has good people in. People who their intentions are noble (like every other country) but whatever the outcome of an election same things will happen in the world like war, crime, racism etc because media and education are controlled and because power always wants more power.

All iam saying is that i dont trust them and there is a good reason for that. Iam not gonna explain every history book i read but can you find me a year in the world where it has been peace even symbols like the olympics mean nothing. Did you know that Greeks who actually founded Democracy had slaves while been in a democratic state, whos democracy? of the few?

No thanks.

Hey man i really hope you are right i really hope that this changes things somehow i think it will not happen. I hope iam wrong.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry for your hard choice Keith...I'm Italian, we have Berlusconi(we usualy call him something that sounds like "the cursed dwarf"). Please believe me, I would pay to have a president like Obama(or McCain) in my country! ;)

Anonymous said...

'Interesting' opinions here, but I respect them no matter what.
A president who was a C average and a true cowboy.
Present cantidates:
A guy was needs to utter "my friends", "victory" and "fight" in every sentence. Was in the bottom 5 out of 890 in the Naval Acedemy.
The other one has been discriminated against by whites and blacks. Was a star student and is very inclusive. He WANTS you to go to college and he doesn't think that Jesus is cool with bombing the hell out of other nations.
What invisible hand? Sometimes things are what they are.

Anonymous said...

Must say I was shocked first reading this. Finally the last couple comments by alessandro and anonymous says how it must be seen from any other continent.

Anonymous said...

this is SPAM as far as I am concerned. If I valued your political opinion I would subscribe to your political Blog. Keep it animation thanks.

David Beer said...

Perhaps a political Animation? PAL or NTSC? oh, crap.....

Anonymous said...

For those who keep asking about what everyone means by "invisible hand"...go study up on the Federal Reserve and then come back and talk to us after you've calmed down.

Just find out the answers to these simple questions:

What is it?
What does it do EXACTLY?
How did it start?
Who owns it?
Is it part of the government?

You answer those, and then we can talk about why we only have a 2 party system.