Monday, January 19, 2009

When Worlds Collide

I'm willing to see where this one goes. It looks like it might be a fun little film. I like what the Europeans are trying to do these days.

But blue skies, green grass, red brick buildings and white puffy clouds? On an alien planet? What an opportunity to use animation's greatest strength: bringing to the screen what can only be seen in the imagination. Is it Planet 51 or Pasadena?

Of course if the film is entertaining then it really won't matter- I'm aware of this. So here's hoping it's entertaining. Still, an animator can dream, right?


Tim said...

I tend to agree, Keith. It looks fun, but it seems they stopped a bit short on the fun design. With that sky & grass, it could've been shot live action on the back lot. The architecture, the vehicles, etc. all have a certain alien whimsy. But the characters look like people in alien costumes. I'm not saying they all needed multiple limbs and eyes, but at least their overall proportions should've been experimented with.
Oh well, let's hope for the best. At least it's not "Delgo".

Gerardo Castellanos said...

I think it will be a great movie.
there is another spanish maded movie called the missing lynx.
it is not a high cost production, but have a nice character design.

Anonymous said...

I think the movie will be great. And I like the artwork as well.
I don't know what you are complaining about, keith. I haven't seen a movie from a big american studio in the last couple of years that has had the kind of freaky style you want. If they had take it that far, no one would go see the movie. Dont't you think so?

Cheers mo

Anonymous said...

I personally think the whole point of it was to keep it "down to earth" and close to what an audience can instantly recognize. Likely to highlight differences in similarites, similarities in differences, etc... I can say that there is a definite sense of humor that was present in the trailer that has piqued my interest.