Saturday, March 20, 2010

Elk Hair Caddis - fun short film

Lotso, lotso fun stuff. I really like the feel of the real life miniature sets. Animation is a fun ride, too. Love the deforms and the shapes in transition. Definitely see the Meindbender influences (which is a good thing). Enjoy!

And here's a really neat "making of" video that shows some stuff. Fun rigging, too.

Congrats to Peter Smith, Magnus Moller and the whole crew.


The Jerk said...

wow, love those rigs. me wanna play with them!!!

that is really appealing design!

Tim said...

Alex Williams was the animation supervisor. Is that Richard Williams' son Alex?

Chris said...

Impressive rigs, yes. Weird film, very yes. I know they were going for "funny", but for me it was just "what exactly am I watching, and why?"

Daniel said...

Those characters were definitely appealing. I really felt for the frog when he flopped down under that tree.
Does anyone know what Elk Hair Caddis means?

Keith Lango said...

Yes, it does suffer a bit from some typical student film narrative weaknesses. Still, I enjoyed the ride. :)

I'm no expert, but I believe that's the name of the fly fishing lure that gets caught in the frog's eye.

Anders Brogaard Jepsen said...

Hey Keith, thanks for posting. I was responsible for the backgrounds and a part of the animation. It sure was fun (and painfull sometimes) playing around with a mix of styles.

As far as we were told, Alex Williams is the son of Richard Williams.

By the way the Keith Lango tutorial videos helped a lot trough my education.

Kind regards


MikeBelanger said...

Nice stuff! Really nice style - enjoyed it a lot.

Mercury said...

This is such awesome short. I love it.
I always liked when people mix different animation technique. Also the rigs are simple but have freedom to do what ever they like with them ...

Really like this one, thanks for sharing Keith :)

Dietrich Magnus said...

The narative doesn´t bother me that much, most shorts can´t really manage to tell a story in 4-5 minutes. The animation is fantastic, only critique is that they didn´t pay much attention to the audio, i mean the voice acting, the music choices are fun.

Jais Bredsted said...

Those danes knows how to explore the media ;)
Great stuff.
Shapes in motion. Very entertaining.

Rick May said...


Elk Hair Caddis is a "fly" used in fly fishing. It is supposed to replicate the look of a real Caddis fly, so that a fish (typically a trout) will go after it and get hooked. ("Elk hair" is the material the fly is made from)

As an avid fly fisherman, this short was especially fun for me.

Stephany said...

AWESOME post and film! Super glad I randomly came across it!

Anonymous said...
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