Monday, May 21, 2007

APT Session #2 Student Reel


Well it’s two weeks late, but it’s done- I am proud to present the APT Session 2 Student Highlight Reel.

Session 2 was a great session in ye olde’ APT. I want to express a huge “Thank You!” to all of my APT session #2 students. You guys were awesome!

I enjoyed it a lot, the students were great and they made some wonderful progress. In doing the student reel for this session I decided to skip the “before & after” approach and just go for the “after”. There are a few reasons behind that decision, none worth going into here. But if you look at the “previous experience” info for each student you’ll see where they’re coming from. We had a wide range of folks- absolute newbies, old pros, students of varying degrees of advancement, young pros and a Flash animator who had only tinkered in CG before. And while I don’t think even the students themselves would say any of the pieces on this reel are “perfect” - every piece could use a little tweaking here and there (who wouldn’t say the same about their own work?) every one of them would agree that the work here is much better than what they were doing before they started the APT. Everybody had their own unique curriculum and set of exercises and they all responded great to the teaching. I always find it rewarding to see that folks are showing greater confidence and ability after one of these APT sessions. Putting the reel together certainly reminds me that the hard work of running the program is well worth it.

APT Session #3 is sold out and I’m already excited to get going with this new crop of students. If you missed out this time or are thinking about taking part in the APT keep checking back here to find out when APT Session #4 will be. And once more, a big Congrats to all of my APT Session #2 students- you guys did wonderfully.

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