Wednesday, October 07, 2009

D3D podcast interview of me

And old friend of mine, Henk Dawson (he himself is a very fine illustrator who works in CG) has a new feature on his site- a podcast! He's had some interesting interviews already. Notable guests would be Bryan Ballinger (he of Ballinger fame) and Tina Price (she of the Creative Talent Network and Disney notoriety). You should check them out. And then after you've had your fill of erudite and insightful conversations, have a listen to Henk's latest podcast where he interviews yours truly. Hey, somebody's gotta inhabit the low end of the bell curve, and that exactly why I'm here. Anyhow, if you're into podcasts, interviews or listening to the dulcet sound of my voice (described by some as a cross between a howling cat and a jackhammer), then have a listen.

Big thanks to Henk for letting me play along. :)


Anonymous said...

That interview was so fun to listen to! To me it was a big inspiration, Keith!

I liked hearing how you started out, and all the various jobs you had (never knew you were a part-time preacher!).

Thanks for sharing!

David Beer said...

nice interview, made work that much more pleasant today