Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sunny's toon-shading breakdown

Former APT student Sunny Kharbanda (featured here and here on this blog) has a new post up on his blog. This time he goes pretty in-depth into how he developed a different kind of toony shading (but not a specific toon shader, per se) for this recent cartoon inspired animation work in Maya. I love his thought process. Definitely take some time to check it out, and then (if you're interested) see how you can expand upon the idea with your won twist.


Josh Bowman said...
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Josh Bowman said...

cool! I've never liked the harsh "toon" renders that people seem to associate with the toon look. Sunny has really done an excellent job, not only in his animation but also in creating such an appealing look to his tests.
Great work! He should be very happy with what he's accomplished ^_^