Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Help the Hodges

I'm putting the word out because I want folks to help Tim Hodge, a trusted friend and a wonderful soul. From his blog...
As many of you know, my son was in an auto accident with a train back in August. He has still not regained consciousness, but is doing a little bit better each day.

As you may not realize, our short term insurance expired in September. The rest of the family could renew, but Matt became a pre-existing condition. So Matt's healthcare since that time has all been out of pocket. Vanderbilt Hospital was gracious to us and forgave our six figure debt to them. But Matt's ongoing care and future rehabilitation is still in the balance.

To help off-set these costs, several friends in the animation and comic world have put together an auction to start on January 21 on ebay. There are several prime pieces that have been donated. Go to to see more.

And thank you!

Even though this has been very sad and it makes my heart heavy, I've been blessed to witness how their family is dealing with this tragedy. Their strength, courage and faith in the Lord through this nightmare has been humbling & inspiring. My heart breaks. So please, help them out.

Big Story

Not sure how this flew under my radar, but I'm glad I caught it all the same. I came across this from a new post on Jamaal Bradley's Pencil Test Depot blog (great blog, by the way!) The animators Tim Watts & David Stoten roughed the animation in pencil first (see it here on Pencil Test), then animated it stop-mo. Here's the final version....

Too fun!