Friday, November 25, 2011

Stupid Crazy VTS Blowout Sale II

It's that time of year again- time for me to offer crazy pricing on my VTS back issue animation training videos.

Now's your chance to get over 60 hours (not minutes, or beavers, or parsecs- but hours!) of character animation training for the silly low price of just $99.

"That's not low!", you say.
"Psh. Just you go and find more for less.", I snort in reply.
And we'd have this jocular interplay for a few minutes until we finally end up with you breaking an awkward silence by grudgingly muttering "Awright. I'll get 'em, you piker."
And I'll nod slowly with a steely glare and say "Yes, yes you will, sir."

What is the VTS, you ask? My, aren't you the rhetorical Chatty Kathy, today? Fine, I'll tell you. VTS stands for Video Tutorial Service- it was a monthly subscription service I ran for over 5 years back in the olden days when goatees were still popular and mustaches were considered just plain creepy, not all hip & ironic like today. Anyhow, each month I made a new animation training video for my subscribers. Those folks paid a good penny for the stuff back then- about $15 each month. I stopped making new videos in 2009 when I realized I was repeating myself and I didn't want to keep milking people to pay for my back waxing addiction. However since it seems new people keep coming into this animation game and they want to learn things, too I keep these things available for purchase.

So what once cost somebody over $900 you can have for just $99. And thanks to modern space age preservatives these pixels are as fresh as the day they were baked. What a bargain! Stop reading this insipid treacle called a blog and go get yourself some high grade animation understanding right now! My back needs a waxing something fierce!