Saturday, January 01, 2011

VTS discount sale extended one week

I've had some folks ask if I could extend the sale into January a little bit so they could get some VTS videos at the huge discount price. There's been good response to the sale, so my inner Scrooge can't really see a good reason not to extend it. So there you go-- the 75% (or more) off sale on VTS back issues will be extended until January 7th. That way if you did the nice thing and spent all your money on holiday gifts for your friends and loved ones in December, now you can blow a little of that money on yourself. Or, if you neglected to get a holiday gift for the animator in your life, you can now try and make up for it and claim that you're really celebrating something like the Greek Orthodox Christmas on January 7th instead. Or for your Armenian friends that'd be January 6th. No matter what, we got you covered. Anyhow, after the 7th the prices will go back up. Thanks again to everybody for the support over the years.