About Me

Hi. I’m Keith.

I’m just a somewhat normal guy. I just kinda never grew up past cartoons is all. Oh sure, I’m a grown up in a lot of ways. But I still love the cartoons. Which is why I’m an animator. Have been for over 17 years now. Not all of those 17 years have I been a good animator. But we all have to start somewhere.

Over that time I’ve been blessed to work with some amazingly talented people on some pretty cool projects. I’ve worked on icons of childhood (Mickey Mouse & GI Joe), singing vegetables, space traveling penguins, Oscar nominated films, commercials, top tier game cinematics, features and now games. Along the way I’ve made a few short films and I’m trying to make a few more. And there’s a larger story or two inside that I hope to someday bring to light.

Family is important to me. So is my faith. I’m a follower (as best as I can be) of Jesus Christ. But I don’t like to think of myself as a part of “the religious right”. Politics annoy me to no end. I get the sense they annoyed Jesus, as well. I’m just trying my best to follow where I’m called, do what I know I should and avoid doing what I shouldn’t all while keeping close to the Lord. I try to help other folks as much as I can because I know how much the Lord has helped me. Sometimes I do an OK job. Other times…. eh, not so much. For everything else I rely only on God’s grace and mercy in the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ to make up for my vast shortcomings.