Thursday, April 21, 2005

First VTS Video Is Out

After a TON of stupid issues with my domain host and some quick thinking help from a generous subscriber I was finally able to get the first VTS animation teaching video released to the subscribers, albeit 4 days later than I had originally planned. Even so everybody was great and showed wonderful support and patience and I'm really grateful for that. The feedback on the first VTS video with teaching about poses and posing has been really great. Thanks to everybody who's sent back words of support and the suggestions as well. Here's a sampling of the feedback so far...

Thank you so much for doing this Keith, as a penniless
person on the other side of the world these tutorials are really special to me.

Great work on the VTS. It was really great. The topic of poses really
add to the current assignments at Animation Mentor.

Myself and two other work colleague have subscribed for personal interest, and we all looked forward in recieving aprils movie. We thought you did a great job and explained in a informative flowing manner covering a lot of ground. Thanks

You've done an excellent job with it, and you really displayed your
knowledge in it. I wish my school had covered this kind of thing more
in depth when they were teaching us how to animate.

I just finished watching the April video tutorial and it was great! Learnt so much. I’m very glad I signed up and will be sending my mates to your service. Thank you very much for doing this it’s a real help to me.

Anyhow, that's a sample of the feedback so far. I'm REALLY glad that folks are finding the VTS worth the effort. It's nice to be able to help folks out like that. I get a lot of of being able to do that for people. And the proceeds from this first month's video have been put to good use helping to pay for sturdy, clean new housing for the poor in Jamaica who live in just some terrible conditions, as well as provide support for medical teams to visit the poor in Brazil and provide free medical services to the folks there. So thanks to all of YOU who have signed up for the VTS for giving so much back to me by way of encouragement. This is really cool to be a part of.

And if you've been sitting on the fence unsure if you wanted to sign up, there's still time. If you sign up anytime before May 1st you can still get this first VTS animation teaching video. Just click on the little ad in the lower left of this page. Thanks everybody! God bless!



David M said...

Keith! Awesome video. So instructive! I really wanted to say you that i loved it!

Josh Bowman said...

Yes, Thankyou Keith, If the previous courses i have done were an 1/8th as informative and well presented as this months video i might have paid more attention to them.
That means i'm getting 8x the quality at 1/8th of the price so that makes it 8 / 1/8 = 64x better.
AND your putting our money towards worthwhile things as well (64 x better training + worthy causes = best investment ever).
Stop me if i'm making any sense :-)

Darrin Hofmeyr said...

I like the fact my hard earned dollars are going to both your hard work and the less fortunate.
I wouldn't mind if every penny went to you for such a great service but this way more benefit. Even people who have never seen an animated film.
Awesome Keith. THANKS!

Anonymous said...

This month's tutorial and the free one in March were excellent. So many articles and books go into how you should pose things, but never into why you should pose things or the thought process behind it. You're causing me to use my brain instead of just my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Question Keith, if you subscribe sometime after the first few vids come out, do you get access to the previous ones or no? I'm assuming no...

Keith Lango said...

You assume correctly. :)
However I may be able to provide a back issue buying system now that I have a new server space lined up to hold all the back issue vieos. So if you join later you could just buy access to any videos you may have missed. That's still just a plan and it's not ready for action yet, but it's something I hope to be able to provide in the next couple months.