Monday, May 02, 2005

Animation Podcast

Now this is very, very cool.
The Animation Podcast blog site has it's first podcast out. It's a fun little 19 minute visit with renowned Disney animator Andreas Dejas and he talks about how he got into animation. It's really interesting to hear how he went through a lot of effort to learn how to animate in a day and age where resources for learning animation were few and far between and how he just studied the artform to learn what it takes. Kinda reminds me a bit of when I started.

The list of future guests sounds like it should be a great resource. These will no doubt become the de facto audio resources of animation illuminati today. Much like the old Milt Kahl recordings have been feeding studying animator's minds and imaginations since they were recorded over 20 years ago, my bet is that these podcasts will feed a new generation of animators who desire to hear and learn from the top of the field. Man, blogs, podcasts, forums, Animation Mentor- dude, is this is a great time to be a student of animation or what?!


Lars van Schagen said...

The web is getting cooler and cooler! another bookmark for my collection of animation bookmarks. Great Deja interview really funny he's german coz i thought he was french... Cool you posted this Keith

greetz Lars

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pimping my podcast Keith. This couldn't be a more exciting start for me. I know I find it fascinating to hear animators tell their own story and I'm glad other people see the value as well. If anyone has feedback or suggestions, please let me know through the site.


Josh Bowman said...

Wow...Podcasting has opened up a fantastic way of communication. The best thing is that anyone can do it. I hope there are more animators who take this up because it's great to be able to actually hear others and their experiences.

Darrin Hofmeyr said...

Aah, to be a student of animation. Luckily I am always learning, I just wish this had been available ten years ago. Having said that, it is never too late to stop and the more I stuff into my brain, the better. Another bookmark for my growing favourites folder.

p.s. also saw the link at seward steet.

Anonymous said...

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