Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Just took in Howl's Moving Castle this evening. What can I say? I'm just glad that somebody out there still thinks about making worlds with such lush imagination in animation. This stuff would NEVER get made here in the states, and that's a crying shame.
Beautiful, entertaining, well animated, wonderful pace, great character moments all with that classic Miyasaki mystical touch are the best ways I could describe it. It's probably not everybody's cup of tea, but I enjoyed every scene. I just was happy to go someplace that fantastic for a couple of hours.


Arslan Elver said...

Hey Keith,

I agree with you and when I watch this film, for 2 hours I was really away from all the hassle of the real world :)Looking forward to watching the next Miyazaki film..

David M said...

I didn't see this Miyasaki movie yet but I've loved all his films!

Mike said...

I would take any frame of this movie as a still and hang it on my wall.