Monday, August 08, 2005

Shining Thru The Clouds

Here's a great post over at IDFuel about the wonder of working within limitations.
The next time you have a scene and you're told all the limitations that come with it find the thrill of making it work great anyhow. I've spent most of my career in high footage rate animation. one of the things that gets lost in that environment is the polish. but you can still come up with great, unique, character appropriate ideas for gesture, motion and emotion. You may rely on a bag of tricks more, but your tricks and cheats are not your ideas. Or at least they better not be! Let the ideas rule the moment, then do the best you can to make those ideas work within the limitations. It's the easy way out to say "Well, I can't do a great job because they want X-seconds per week." Horse hockey! The polish may suffer, the complexity may not be there in the movement and it may not be as pretty or flourish-y as you'd like to make it, but you can sure as heck still think of some good acting and ideas. Let the limitations be your friend.

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