Saturday, November 19, 2005

Pictures for Patrick: Patrick

This is my picture OF Patrick. He's normally not wall-eyed. He does grin like that, though. He liked this picture. His wife Amila also liked at it. They sit together with me at work. Amila has sharp elbows. We are afraid of her elbows. She's also a really good animator. I hope you enjoy this Picture of Patrick.


Kevin J Bowman said...

I for one am glad to finally have a face to put with the name!!!

Anonymous said...

stunning resemblance,even down to my right eye being twice the size of the left. rock on Lango,rock on. Whoa, as I'm writing this someone walked into the cubicle and asked if I'm Patrick from Lango's site. See how accurate the pic is!?

MattJ said...

One eye bulging, one real small.
One big grin, crooked teeth and all.
We all know Patrick has many faces to bare,
But what the heck is up with that hair?

Sarfaraz Ahmed Soomro said...

nice blog, i find it very informative; keep blogging :)

Anonymous said...

he's not getting enough sleep judging by his eyes and no time to comb the hair either, but still looks like a happy dude, nice drawings keith :)

Anonymous said...

Is Patrick the illegitimate love-child of Rodney Dangerfield?