Thursday, December 08, 2005

Pictures for Patrick: Scary

Could this be me in 15 yrs? I certainly hope not.


Anonymous said...

You gave me an idea, Keith! Let us see a sketch of you! Purdy please!

pj leffelman said...

if you do this keith, you should have patrik draw you. patrik draws like a champ.

MattJ said...

I think you forgot the wireless headset on your head. Then that would make it look more like you. Maybe an intel shirt or something like that.

Good picture though.

Matt -

Tim said...

Keith, you still have any of those drawings I did of you?

Keith Lango said...

Hey tim,
Unfortunately not. :o(
And Patrick has drawn me. I'm just saving the post for later. :)


Tim said...

I look forward to seeing it!