Sunday, February 26, 2006

It feels good to move again..

Thanks to the urgings of fellow DNA animator and Animation Mentor Scott Lemmer, I've been playing hockey again (I play goalie. Yes, I like to get in front of objects moving at high velocity). Scott has been bugging me to get back out on the ice again For a good while I begged off, being woefully out of shape and probably 20lbs too heavy. Thankfully I eventually gave in and went out for a little shoot around (thanks, Scott!).
So far it's just been a few weeks of pick up games at the rink, but I can feel my game coming back a bit. I played tonight and I didn't utterly stink. I only mostly stunk. Heh. The last time I had played was over 3 years ago back in Chicago. That was 4 studios ago! I stopped playing when I got a deep bone bruise on my elbow from a wicked slapshot that this Czech player unloaded on me. After 3 years off the ice I'm a bit rusty (to say the least!). And at age 37 I know my best years are well behind me. But it's been great to move around again. Animation is a bad career to be in if you're genetically inclined to wear some extra pounds like I am. So the exercise is great and it's good to be playing again. I know there are a lot of hockey playing animators out there. It'd be cool if we could all have a pick up game during Siggraph or something. You know up in Boston (where Siggraph is being held this year) there will be plenty of rinks to choose from.

ps: No, that's not a picture of me. It's just a pic of my hometown team's goalie and I thought it looked good. I don't have any pics of me in my goalie gear. Plus I couldn't stretch out like that without breaking something anyhow.


Darrin Hofmeyr said...

I like the word verification at the bottom. Stops those "I am Andrea and I found your blog inquisitive and an excellent read, maybe read my blog some time" rubbish posts!

When your post said Feels good to move again, I thought you had changed jobs for the umpteenth time. Anyway, I will hopefully be making my way to Siggy but doubt I will be getting on the ice. South Africa is not renowned for having great Hockey teams. We play the field hockey version.

Later and take care.

Anonymous said...

Ha I know how you feel a couple friends talked me into playing hockey after i hadnt been on the ice for 10 years. My legs were burning and wobbely and I kept saying why would you do this?

ps. im back in your old stomping grounds finger lake area

Matt Kelly said...

whoa keith.. i didnt know you were an upstate newyorker!

greetings from rochester!
i'm loving the VTS's.. they compliment my other schooling really well

i definitely know how you feel about getting back into hockey.. after a 6 year divorce from sports i finally got back into playing soccer (indoor of course..) and almost passed out in the middle of the first half... after 4 months i'm feeling much better and in the best shape i've been in a while.. keep it up man.. it'll get you moving around and activity like that always keeps me motivated to get back to work on my animation mentor projects..

-matt kelly