Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pictures for Patrick:Hopeful

Thanks to a short break (commonly referred to as “vacation days”- since I’m getting laid off I gotta use ‘em or lose ‘em) this is the home version of the Pictures for Patrick Game. It describes how I’m feeling these days. Why? Well, you’ll have to wait and find out, now won’t you?

On a side note I finally played hockey with fellow DNA animator Scott Lemmer again tonight. Thing is it was totally by accident. His team just lost a 4-2 heartbreaker on the same rink we were scheduled to play a shinny* session. I ran into him going on the ice as he was coming off. So he decided to hang around and play. Dirty fink scored on me, too. Punk kids got no respect for their elders, I tell ya!
(*shinny is a euphemism for an informal non league game of hockey -also called rat/pick up/drop in, etc. The name comes from the low intensity, non contact nature of the gathering. Guys get together and play just for kicks, so most players just wear their gloves and shin pads and leave the elbow and shoulder pads in the bag. The shin pads are the root for shinny. Now you know some hockey lingo. Don’t you feel more Canadian now?)

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