Thursday, July 13, 2006

VTS Freebie!


I’m almost done with my fourth installment of the Great White Hope of Indy Animators. While I’m mulling over and tightening down those few logical loops I wanted to take a moment and drop a note here letting folks know what’s happening with my Video Tutorial Service (VTS) this month.

July is customer appreciation month! Or something like it. :) In addition to the normal video tutorial I will be making an extra free VTS video this month for my subscribers. So anyone who is a subscriber to the VTS in July 2006 (even if you join anytime in July) will get two videos this month instead of just the usual one. So that will be like, what- An hour and a half of animation training for $14.95? What’s not to like? What will the videos be about this month, you ask? The topics for July are a continuation of the acting/scene blocking process (using a production scene as practice), as well as an indepth discussion of open vs. closed facial posing for emotional impact and then moving into second phase blocking with breakdowns and such. The extra video will be a comprehensive primer on how to easily pose-test and time your scenes (even CG scenes) in a fast, flexible and practical way that should speed up your workflow a lot. This extra free video won’t be free in the future. If folks want to get it after July they’ll need to pay for it. So if you’ve been thinking about checking out my VTS but have been waiting for a decent reason to subscribe, well, in July you’ll have two of them.

OK, that’s enough shameless plugging for now. I hope you’ll forgive me for trying to make a living. :) Next post: Part 4 of TGWHFIA.

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