Saturday, April 07, 2007

Why do you seek the living among the dead?


Today marks the great celebration of life over death. Today marks the day that Jesus Christ- the Son of God- walked out of a tomb after his body lay cold, lifeless and without a pulse for 3 days. Today marks the day when a way for us to get back to God was sealed because the seal on a gravestone was broken. For two millenia now men and women the world over have gone to their graves full of hope- often with great pain and sacrifice- because they believed the same thing. For two millenia now unbelieving men and women have mocked and scoffed at those who believe the resurrection of Christ is true. For centuries men have sought the body of Christ in vain. Technology has not made this search any more fruitful. It will never do so. The reason why is simple: You cannot find a living body among the dead.

So to everyone who believes- and even those who think all of this is foolishness- I wish you a Happy Easter!!

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