Saturday, December 29, 2007

My favorite Animated film of 2007?

2 months without a post. Yikes. I’d tell you why, but that’s a story too long (and too personal) for this space right now.

But hey, since we’re rolling up on the end of 2007 I figure I’d weigh in on what was my favorite animated film of 2007 (the only rule here is that it be a film I actually saw). My pick?

Surf’s Up from Sony Animation.



  • The water is a technical marvel to behold. The more I watch it the more impressive it becomes.
  • The production design is fun and beautiful to look at.
  • The conceit of the film is imaginative (penguins invented surfing, documentary stylings, etc.)
  • The acting was some of the best in a long while. Understated, but really, really strong. Normally I like my animation to be classic cartoon fun (Jones, Avery, etc.) but the subtlety of the voice performances were really rich. The animators really took that lead and ran with it in a style that I found engaging.
  • The core message of the film spoke to me in a way that I needed to hear. Namely this: Loosen up, dude! This stuff is supposed to be fun. So let the business and the stress and the go-getter side of things slide and just enjoy the ride with thankfulness, peace and joy. It works for surfing, it works for animation and I’m learning that it works for life itself.

I’m praying for a fabulous, safe and joy-filled 2008 to everyone out there. May we all learn the strength and value of faith, family and friends. God bless!

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