Wednesday, June 18, 2008

APT Session #4 (July 2008) Info

OK, the time has come to let the world know the details regarding the next Animation Personal Trainer class. So let’s get to it!

  • APT Session #4 will begin July 14th, 2008 and will run until August 11th, 2008 (a little over 4 weeks).
  • Class size will be limited to the first 10 students to sign up. No exceptions.
  • The class will cost $995.00 USD payable in full at time of registration. No exceptions.
  • Registration will open at 12:00am midnight EST (GMT -05:00) Thursday June 26th. To register go to my online store here. But be sharp because this session will fill up very quickly.
  • Like previous APT classes, there won’t be any reel reviews to see if you are accepted or rejected for the class. It is a true open registration that is first-come first-served. I may change my mind on this policy for my next session, but for this class I’m keeping it open to any and all who care to join- regardless of experience.
  • If you don’t get in this session, don’t worry because there will be at least one more session in 2008.
  • If you have any questions, be sure to check out the APT FAQ.

Good luck and I look forward to a great session of learning character animation!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Keith! =)

Glad to see you are back to blogging. Your new blog looks pretty good. I hope your bad times with hackers and spammers are over.

Nice also to see the changes made to APT. I am seriously thinking in applying this time. =D


Alan Starship said...


Anonymous said...

this is great! I read the new structure of APT. All the good wishes...!

Alan Starship said...

I missed it!!! Can't believe I missed it!!! I tough I was an hour early, but I think I was an hour late! (or something...) Are you sure you can't have 11 students? Well, ok... Please let us know about the next 2008 session as early as possible, ok? Next time I'll be sure I'll have a lot more attention on time zone differences! =(

Keith Lango said...

nobody missed it.
You must have caught the page when it was being uploaded and it said it was out of stock. It wasn't. Sign up starts in a few minutes!

Anonymous said...

Well, guess I missed it as well. Even though I thought I am 10 minutes too early. Damn time zones. I even looked up the time in different time zone converters. Very frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Looking at I have to go to a value of GMT-8 to make sense of this time shift. Are you sure GMT-5 is the correct time zone for your area? No grudges, just checking were the error occurred.