Friday, July 04, 2008

Wall-E thoughts, other stuff

Spending a few days with family in the upstate NY area t celebrate Independence Day. I'd forgotten how pretty this place can be. But I'd also forgotten that it's also chilly here at night! The tropical Brazilian climate really thinned out this boy's blood.

Last weekend the Lango Crew made its way to the big cineplex to take in Pixar's Wall-E. Nice film. Very charming, great character development, funny as well. Check out Tim Hodge's take on it. His thoughts aren't too far from my own, but I think he was expecting it to be something more than I was. For myself, Wall-E was what I expected it would be so I wasn't disappointed or anything. My wife really enjoyed it due to the love story side of things. So I think Pixar has officially made the first CG chick-flick. Heh. But my kids still quote Kung Fu Panda lines.

"Don't tell Monkey."

On a housekeeping note here: There were a few bugs in the new online store regarding subscribing to the VTS. If you tried to subscribe in the last week but found it wasn't working correctly, try it again now. Everything should work.


Anonymous said...

Hey Keith,

I rarely post, but I wanted to just say thanks for all of your insight here. Also, I hope things are better with your site management since you have moved back to blogger. And on a more related topic, I really enjoyed Wall-E. I thought they did a great job getting the audience to care about a character that really did not speak. It reminded me a little of the Chuck Jones animation, The Dot and the Line, in that the whole movie relied on the animation and not on the dialogue. Again, it was very entertaining.

-James C. Ditmer

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Keith, for the info on the subscription. I was one of those who tried to subscribe, but to no avail, until I found the system has been fixed. So there is now one more lucky subscriber!
WALL-E.... Well, for me this is easily one of the BEST animation movies ever made. I was TOTALLY blown away by it. I, a 33-year od bloke, almost cried at the end! Man, this is what art should be all about! Loved the humor, loved the characters, the story, all those different layers that the story has to it - a flawless movie! While Kung Fu Panda was entertaining, WALL-E was so much more!