Monday, February 23, 2009

APT spots open...

hey folks,
I'm beginning a new Animation Personal Trainer (APT) session next week, but a couple people have had to back out. So I have 2 spots open. This is an open call for folks to get in on the action. If you're wondering what this APT thing is all about, check out the FAQ and read some previous posts talking about the training (along with student examples) here, here and here.. 

Email me if you're interested in taking part in this upcoming session.


Anonymous said...

Keith, I wish I could do this one but I'm going to have to wait before I can start doing the APT service.
For me I have to get funds squared away and I would also prefer to be further past the fundamentals before getting into the detail offered in these sessions.

David Beer said...

Yeah, I hope to do another one soon, and I'd just like to say:
To anyone interested, this is a wonderful way to TARGET your weaknesses from the beginning, without having to follow a regimental 'curriculum' that you have to go through from scratch with most institutions. I highly recommend it, just the one round I had with Keith has helped me be more confident about my work in feature animation.