Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, seeing as I do stuff online I feel somewhat compelled to have a Twitter account. So on the sidebar you'll see my Twitter updates, and you can follow me there. I'm gonna try to keep it updated with progress notes on my various up and coming projects. Other people have production blogs for their projects (plogs), so this will be my production twitter. Pwitter? Kinda has a ring to it.

Anyhow, I'm currently working on making another short animation using Otto, along with a new character. It's not musical, but will have dialog and such. It's more of a real look at the characters' personalities. The plan (for now, at least) is to make several short-shorts of 1 minute or less rather than one long short. Longer shorts (4+ minutes) have a kind of intimidating heaviness to them. They take a long time to complete and often need to justify their length by being a bit more complex to hold one's attention. So the inner unspoken fear is that it will be a year or three of my life wasted if the short isn't absolutely perfect. The result is paralysis by analysis (aka.: The Lango Secret Joys of Myopia Syndrome) So I've written up a bunch of short shorts instead. They seem less important that way. I've read that some artists have a similar fear of their expensive fancy Moleskine sketchbooks. The books are so nice and cool that they are intimidated by them, so they avoid sketching in them and prefer to sketch on notepads or other cheap media. I can definitely relate with that. I once had a really nice sketchbook. I did one page in it, very badly drawn and terrible all around. Never touched it again. My doodles are still mostly on the back of church bulletins, Post It Notes or random pieces of paper lying around. So these shorter shorts are gonna aim for that 'back of the envelope' spirit. All part of the unpolished immediacy vibe I've been striving to grab lately. In many ways Twitter updates are like this, too. Short, fast, less drawn out ordeals. Good for quick stuff.

I'm sensing a trend here.

All the same, follow me if you dare. Or care. :)


David Martingale said...

There's a funny little post on the moleskin phenomenon over on "Stuff White People Like."

Marshall Peterman said...

I'm usually not a commenter, however the mention of hesitation to use a moleskin is too perfect not to comment. Completely agree.

Thom said...

Good idea. I think I'll make a sketchbook out of the moles my dog leaves laying around the yard.

Femi said...

I like the idea of short shorts but what do you do with them when ur done, is there a market for one minute animations?

Keith Lango said...

There's no existing market for 1 minute shorts right now. Well, if there is it's not a very big one. Some TV channels will commission 1 minute shorts as ident bumpers or interstitials, but those are usually done with existing characters and with specific branding in mind. So right now I'm making these first and I'll find a home for them later. I'm taking a bit of a gamble that if they're entertaining and well done that some kind of a market will find room for them. We'll see.