Thursday, July 02, 2009


Friend of the blog, Irish animator Ben Harper, recently put his 3rd year animation studies short film online.

Blip from Sean Mullen on Vimeo.
Two aliens try to take over the same planet.

Ben & Sean did a really great job of making simple things work. They didn't get bogged down in a lot of minutae, but instead focused on clean design, a fun animation style and crystal clear storytelling. I love simple things done really well and this little short just oozes a kind of whimsy that I like to see. Ben recently graduated from the Irish School of Animation. He's still working on finalizing his graduation thesis film titled "Mischief", an interesting little 2d effort. He's also quite active in trying to further develop the Irish animation scene with his involvement in a local animator's networking event called the Pegbar. You Irish animator types oughta check it out. My wife and I had the pleasure of enjoying a nice dinner with Ben on a blisteringly cold night when we were in Dublin this past January. We ate a Polish restaurant, ordering from menus we could not read. Overall a dandy time!

One more bit of Irish housekeeping here on the blog of Lango... Brown Bag Films has recently put up their own studio blog and it's a dandy little number. Check it out!


Sean Mullen said...

Hi Keith,

Thanks for posting Blip and your kind words, it's greatly appreciated.

All the best,


Ben Harper said...

Hi Keith,

Just to reiterate what Sean said, thank you so much for posting the film on your blog. It means a lot to us, especially your kind words about the project.

Thanks again


Herman Gonzales said...

Very Enjoyable, Yes indeed simple and effective, and story driven, some shorts gets lost in how good and hyperealistic this so and so looks you cant even follow the whole show. This one kept me looking all the way through. Design, comps also top knotch. ~>Thanks

Jais Bredsted said...

Very appealing. Kept me interested and happy all the way through which is kinda tough to achieve these days :)
Great job.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing, Keith!

MikeBelanger said...

Thanks for sharing Keith - and good job
Ben Harper and Sean Mullen!
Glad to see your trying to start a scene in Ireland too!

Dani3D said...

Very nice short, fresh and simple, but still very enjoyable.

great job!

Tomek said...

That movie greatly illustrates religion in our world. :)

Brian Horgan said...

Very nice work, makes me proud to be Irish :)