Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NHS short film promo

I liked this. Has a neat UPA vibe to it, but it's not hiding the fact that it's CG, either.


anim_ziggy said...
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anim_ziggy said...

Matt is a friend of mine :) and his gf is a stop motion animator; so you can see all that goodness of both worlds in that.

Here's a small breakdown to it :)


Olivier Ladeuix said...

and here is something you might be interested in. The behind the scene of how the short film got made

Anonymous said...

Congrats Matt! You know what you want!

Unknown said...

Hey Keith, thanks for posting our film, you've been a big inspiration to me ever since I started back in 2002 so it means a lot that you like our little short!

Congratulations on the job at Valve, and I love the work you've been doing with Otto and Schmitty marrying the visual style and animation beautifully. Keep on inspiring!