Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Look, the Gobelins chase animation meme- now in anime!

I think I've written this before (maybe not), but more than a few of those popular Gobelins short animated student films all seem to share a single element: the crazy, out of control speed chase/run/fall. It's been this way for at least 4 or 5 years now. Go ahead, look 'em up. It's a repetitive trope, but it has certainly been a good one if you want some popularity. One even was nominated for an Oscar. Well, the concept has flown from France to Japan-- somebody has made an anime short employing the same central concept. With panties.

Kinda like the love story angle, though.


Unknown said...

I heartily endorse this style and delivery ^__^

Unknown said...

I don't know japanese so I have no idea why this is happening, but i did enjoy the slide. haha

Robin Teo said...

Well, in the early anime days, (1970s) there's already this crazy speed chase and run. Lupin III was the closest to what we have today, except that they don't have the full blown 3d perspective execution.

Watch the crazy car chase towards the mid clip. This may not be so much of an excitement today since we have seen numerous crazy car scenes in our days already, but I assume back then it was a great fun ride.

The following clip is showing when Lupin running down a steep roof ended jumping through a series of them due to an accident. Not a good quality though, the scene is around 3:10

I wish we could see more of Lupin, hehe.

Olivier Ladeuix said...

this must be a Gobelin short film! Come on! ;-)

Unknown said...

Wouaaaaaaaaaaou.... Je suis impressionné par lanim

Ray Pena said...

Yo Keith,

Those Gobelins pieces are incredible. Not sure why you have to give them the backhanded compliment. They're made by kids half our age and it terrifies me! Are you going to rip on Valve for making another first person shooter now? :)

Keith Lango said...

Heh. Don't worry about them kids- you got your own skills, plus industry experience. :) The Gobelins films are well done, but I do think it's time for the school to push their students to explore, rather than rehashing the same old trope. It's one thing for a large commercial studio like Pixar to keep banging out the same beat, but a masters level graduate school for the art of animation? Part of animation is imagination and creativity. Falling back on ol' trusty year after year seems like cheating the students out of a richer experience. And faculty advisers certainly play a large role in what kinds of films get made at schools. Want a good grade? Make what the faculty likes.

As for banging Valve for making another FPS? I guess so, but isn't that more of a format than a genre? Kinda like TV is a different format than film, and different than online video or live puppetry? I'm admittedly not an uber gamer, so my understanding of the nuances of that realm are limited. But formats have a lot of room for different genres and approaches. The one pitfall is that different formats lend themselves to certain genres/styles more easily than others.

James said...

Nah, it's come full circle, is all. The Gobleins chase scenes (along with most of their films' content in general) were all originally inspired by anime in the first place, particularly 'Mind Game' by Studio 4C.

Great short though, I love the colours and overall polish :)

David Nethery said...

The frenetic chase film is a good one for students learning their technical chops in the very short 1-and-a-half to 2-minute format.

But yes, perhaps a bit over-used .

However , what did you think of films like "The Building" and "The Lighthouse Keeper" ? (and there are other Gobelins films which could be named which don't fit the "frenetic chase film" cliche.)

I am astounded by the technical polish of these student films. Gobelins is doing something right , chase film or no chase film.