Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Azureus Rising

For something that's not normally my cup-o-tea, this struck me as being pretty cool. Might have gone to the stock anime trope of "action-action-action-- land and hold a cool pose" well once or twice too often, but other than that, pretty nifty! Congrats to those involved.


Emanoel Castro said...


Nice, very nice!

Bryon said...

I though this was an interesting reply by the director David Weinstein.

Why don't we see any of those story points in the proof of concept?

"That's the thing. With 5 minutes - how much story can you really get? I knew I could not get a emotional reaction with only 5 minutes of screen time. There's no time to set up the characters so you feel like you can relate to them, and then watch how they handle and react to the events that unfold around them. For me story is about showing change. The change in a character - or the changes in the world and the hero's impact on those transformations. So instead of trying to half ass my story into a 5 minute short film - I opt to make a exciting visual display of the world and the character in action."

Phil Willis said...

Very cool.

It seems that Hollywood is moving towards a business model of "if you can prove what it is you're trying to do, that saves us a bunch of work".

This looks similar to short films like Shane Acker's 9, or District 9 - where a short "proof of concept" film gets made and acts as the trailer for a feature-length film.

All the best for these guys. The animation is really superb.