Monday, April 11, 2011

Aperture Investment Opportunity #1: "Panels"

More fun from work. I may be biased (OK, I am), but I think this game flippin' rocks. You folks are gonna dig it.


Brian Freeze Entertainment said...

So in this portal do we get to play as these robots? Did you and Mark animate these guys. Pretty high calliber for gaming. setting a new standard. nice work.

DmL said...

What he said

Keith Lango said...

Yeah, in the co-op part of the game you play these guys. Mark Behm didn't animate on this game (he's been on Dota2 for a while now). The animation of the bots for game play was done by myself, Karen Prell, Matt Scott and Mike Belzer. The promo videos were all animated by Joe Han, Matt Russell, Andrew Burke, Bill Fletcher and Mike Stevens. I had a chance to be involved in these promo videos, but decided to move over to work on a R&D project instead (sorry, can't say what it is). There's too much cool stuff to work on at Valve and I always feel a twinge of regret that I can't do all of it. heh.