Sunday, August 29, 2004

Arcs Tutorial

Hey, now! We're on a roll. thanks to some kind work by "Eagle Eye" Justin Barrett I've fixed the typos on my last tutorial titled The Zen of Lead & Follow. So that should be up to my 10th Grade English teacher's grammar standards now. Seems folks are digging the info there, so that's cool. Check it out for yourself if you haven't yet.

In addition to the Lead & Follow forces tutorial, I've just put the wraps on another quickie tutorial entitled Arc D' Triumph! Naturally it's a short treatise on the value of arcs in your animation, giving explanation as to what an arc is, what should be arced,
what to look for in arcs and most importantly of all- the arcing animator's mindset. They're a fairly simple little fundamental thing, arcs, but you'd be
astonished how many animation tests and samples I am asked to look at and critique that don't use arcs effectively. It's gotten to be such a pat answer in my critiques that I decided to just write a short tooty on the topic so I can just point people to it. I know, I'm a lazy sod. Ain't it great?!

Still more to come as I find time. 'Til next time, Enjoy and God bless!