Monday, February 07, 2005

Shame on Me...

OK, this is pathetic.

I just now realized that my last site update was at the end of August. That was....
5 months ago??!!! Well, please accept my humble apologies for being so lax with the updates. Those who know me know I've been more than a little bit busy since the last one.

Since the last site update I co-directed a 70min direct to DVD animated movie for HasbroUK. Kids in the EU and UK can look for their copy of Action Man:X-Missions on store shelves in late March. I also animated a quick theater "turn off your mobile phones" PSA (again for the EU market) using the characters
from the upcoming Blue Sky film "Robots". It was a fun challenge working with the fine folks at Blue Sky on that. In the end it looked pretty good. You can see the results on ReelFX's website in the latest online demo reel.

Let's see, what else has gone on since last update... oh right! Before I left the great folks at Blur Studio in LA to move to the more family friendly confines of the Dallas area, I was working with Jeff Fowler on his great little short film idea Gopher Broke. I was directing the project, doing a bunch of story work and cutting the animatic together before I moved on. Jeff took over the direction of the film and it ended up looking great! So great in fact that it's been nominated for an Oscar! So huge congrats to the cool cats at Blur, Jeff Fowler, Tim Miller and the whole gang. While it would have been sweet to be able to stay long enough to finish directing the film I'm super honored and thankful for the chance to play the role I did early on. So go Blur! And for any of you voting members of the Academy who happen to be reading this site (yeah, like that ever happens. hehe) well, let me offer a plug to vote for Gopher Broke for best animated short film award.

My own latest short film project is stumbling along, slowly but surely. Still nothing I'd like to show just yet. Soon, though! The script is on it's 6th revision, the voice tracks have been recorded and the boards have been made. I'm in the middle of editing the story reel. 80% of the actual CG assets are built and I should (Lord wiling and the creeks don't rise) be animating before the end of February. Now if only I could come up with a catchy name for it. In the meantime I do have hopes (I won't be so bold as to say "plans") for this site to evolve a bit into something a bit more
than it has been for the last few years. As to when I'll have time to make these hopes become reality? Heaven only knows!

Anyhow, that's the latest from this end for now. I hope to be able to get a new update more often than 3 times a year from here on out. Til next time, be good

to each other and God bless!