Saturday, July 23, 2005

More Server Woes

Blogger aggravates me, but I'm in too deep to change now.
It seems that after a certain amount of time publishing to your own FTP server, Blogger just stops being able to communicate with it. I've gone through two different servers and both have just stopped working with Blogger after about 2 months. I know my FTP servers are fine because I can link to them no problem with my normal FTP client. Blogger's customer support is about as useful as a space heater in Arizona these days. No amount of wrangling or wrestling on my part seems to help. So I've just given in. I'll just keep the feed to the blogspot link here from now on. At the very least I know it works. It just means we have to put up with that annoying Blogger bar at the top. I'd switch to a different service, but I just don't have the time to go and retro-fit all my old posts to a new service. So, here we are. Enjoy the blogger bar. I know I won't. :o/

By the way, this also means my RSS feed address will change. Again. So update your feeders accordingly. *sigh*


jason said...

dude! as you saw on my blog, I just switched from blogger to wordPress.. it was really easy! took about a half hour to do.. the longest part was re-publishing the posts from blogger.. the rest was pretty much all cake!

and, no more publishing post problems.. you just save it and it's there, cuz it's all done with mySQL.


Anonymous said...

Hi keith;

I was usuary of blogger and I went to wordpress my blog. Now he is everything much more easy and it always work ok.

You have a method to move the posts and info from blogger to wordpress. I did it and the result was ok. Here it's (you can type in google "blogger from wordpress" and find a lot of info to do it.

See you!!

* Sorry for my very bad english :P