Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New Clips in Animation

As promised I managed to get some new animation clips up. (I won't call them "animations" since I know that drives my old traditional animation friends absolutely batty to hear that word. Heh)

Anyhow, they're mostly from the Disney DVD "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas". I ended up working mostly on Mickey for the last short story on that disc. The short is titled "Dogone Christmas" for those of you keeping score at home. It was a pretty cool project to work on. I only wish I had more time to make the most of these scenes, but when the budget is low like it was you can't complain with how it turned out. One note: for some reason the audio on the Mickey clips is really low, so you'll need to turn up your speakers. When I get time I'll try and fix that.

There's also a couple of scenes involving the characters from Blue Sky/Fox's "Robots". These are part of adverts or public service announcements that were done for international markets. If you're in the UK or the EU you may have seen these.

Anyhow, there's more stuff I'd like to show but unfortunately those pesky NDA's keep me from doing so. Right now the stuff I'm doing for Ant Bully is really fun. And then there's this short film I'm kinda meandering my way into making. I look forward to sharing more from that as it gets past this pesky character rigging phase. All work and no fun, but this is where the possibilities are established for what the characters can do acting and motion wise, so I'm more than happy to spend a year getting it right.


Darrin Hofmeyr said...

"...of adverts or public service announcements that were done for international markets. If you're in the UK or the EU you may have seen these."

and Africa ;)

Lars van Schagen said...

allways wanted too know who did those :)

cool stuff!

gr Lars

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
Just wondering how long it took you to animate the robotsPSA clip.

Keith Lango said...

The Robots PSA was animated in a little under 3 weeks. To get it done we ended up handling this in a more "traditional 2d" way for some of the background characters in the first and third shots. I did the major poses, breakdowns and timings of many of the background characters and handed them off to other "assistant" animators to clean up the motion and final the characters. Much more like a traditional 2d job in that regard where the key animator would draw the keys, the poses, the breakdowns, do the timing charts and then hand the thing off to an assistant to finish up. My "assistants" were John Berry, Alex Gatsis and Bryan Engram. I handled Rodney, Piper and Fender pretty much start to finish as well as the entire second shot myself. There's one more shot in the PSA not shown here that I didn't animate. That was done by Justin Barrett and I think that 4 second shot took him about 7 work days with all the revisions included.
Oh, and I did all this while I was also directing another direct to video movie at the same time. Not much sleep that month.

bclark said...

cool glad to see these up on line..
converting those rigs was fun:)

Ethan said...

It's nice to see some of your work. Good stuff! I really like the Swedish Sheff bit and the Robots in the Theater.