Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Manufactured Image: Something different

Just for giggles I searched online for images of The Iron Giant. I was amazed at how consistently good they were. Image after image proved to be so well crafted I was really taken aback. Check these out….

Look at how the tones of the background characters is pushed back. The staging of the characters lead your eye right to the middle, especially by putting the taller characters bracketing Dean and then using those taller characters as mini backgrounds for the shorter Hogarth & mom.


Here we have tonal harmony without going monochromatic. The trees are pretty much just black silhouettes. The interior of the CG car is plain to allow the facial details to rule the scene.

Clear staging and simple color schemes with no textures? What a bargain.

The layout and background colors give a stage for the actors.

Crazy color schemes can work if used right.


I love the harmony in this one. Vanishing lines draw your eye, colors work well together, tone and contrast force a priority on the imagery and staging is superb.


Who says every scene in a forest has to be lost in a sea of leaves? The sweep of the treeline frames the character brilliantly. Clouds are pushed back into the sky color to give your eyes room to breathe.


Clear staging and breathing space can offset high details. Then use non-sensical lighting to frame the action.


more in part 2....


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