Monday, November 27, 2006

Real Old School McDonald’s Apple Pies

Ok, those of you who are generation-X or older certainly recall the glorious, lava-like goodness of the old, original McDonald’s apple pie. Deep fried and crispy with a super sweet, magma hot filling- these things were awesome. When I was a kid we didn’t eat at McD’s often, but when we did 9about once a year) I always got me the lava-pie. It was my right- nay, DUTY.

lame-o-pie.jpg Lame-O New “baked” Apple Pies. Yuck!

But somewhere around the late 80’s or early 90’s McDonalds caved in to the food-nannies and ditched the lava-pies. Maybe they were afraid of the lawsuits from someone burning the roof of their mouth with the apple filling (duh! That was half the fun!!). Ostensibly they caved in to the cries about how unhealthy the fried pies were, opting instead for something ‘healthier’. Puh-leese! It’s a friggin’ McDonald’s Apple Pie, not a brussel sprout casserole. We knew what we were eating, we knew it shortened our life span by weeks -but we enjoyed it! It was a treat that made the living of that life span something to look forward to. What’s the point of living longer if your food tastes like crap? But no. In the good ol’ US of A the old school McD’s apple pie died an ignomious death, killed by the do-gooders who think they know what’s better for us than we do. Of course they rolled out some new apple pie- a nasty dry, cakey, styrofoamy “baked” applie pie with less than half the sugar and waaaaay too much cinnamon. Like we wouldn’t notice the difference. Eating my first one I nearly cried. Horrid. The switch happened in my early adult years and marked the passing of my childhood. Truly I was a man now and I could never go back, the magic of my youth sent away like a summer sunset.
But lo and behold, what do we have here in Brazil?

awesome-pie.jpg Awesome amazing old school lava-pies in Brazil!

You guessed it. The food mamby pamby nannies here aren’t vocal enough to shout down the classic fried lava pie. I had a bite of one today. Oh my… it was like getting zoomed back in a time machine to my youth. Perfect. Absolutely, gloriously sweet and crispy. And of course you know I burned the roof of my mouth.

I miss many things from home, but here in my new home I have something even better. The ability to trundle back in time to enjoy a treat from my childhood. How cool is that?


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Awesome! I am so going to move!