Tuesday, December 19, 2006

no excuse to be ignorant (re-post)

Seems this one post had a problem that was messing up the format of my blog. So I had to delete it and re-post. Sorry for those of you who commented, but your comments are lost to the world forever. But they lived good, full, rich comment lives right to the very end. They’re smiling down on us from comment heaven now and I know they would want you to continue on with life and be happy.

re-post to follow….

Seriously, the treasure trove of learning material about art and animation that is freely available online today is an embarrassment of riches. Every day I open my RSS feed reader and go to school. Today’s lesson piled in from the invaluable resource the ASIFA - Hollywood Animation Archive blog. The topic is composition, For a schmuck like me who never went to art or film school this stuff is gold. This stuff is especially useful to me due to some recent projects I’ve been developing. Anyhow, go check out the ASIFA Archive. It’s an amazing resource and it’s free. And the real trick is this: after you read and learn, then try the concepts and ideas until you get your head around them. That’s my 2007 goal- more doing.ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog

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