Friday, December 08, 2006

SIGGRPAH ‘07 Student Volunteers

Here’s a public service announcement:

I got this little blurb from Alex Lehmann. You students interested in volunteering for SIGGRAPH in 2007 check this out and get a hold of Alex. Most student volunteers I’ve ever talked to said it was a great experience. Anyhow, here’s what was passed along to me…

The SIGGRAPH 2007 Student Volunteers Committee would like to take this
opportunity to share our enthusiasm about the SIGGRAPH 2007 Student Volunteers
program with you and everyone visiting your website! The exciting news is that
we are already accepting applications at We want to
give as many students from all around the world the chance to apply for the
amazing opportunity of joining our team as Student Volunteers!

We would be excited to see a news item about the program on your site, since it
is an important resource for many aspiring students. A mention of our committee
“now accepting applications for the Student Volunteers Program for SIGGRAPH
2007 in San Diego” would be much appreciated. If applicable, you can download a
logo ( that you can put on your
webpage (please resize if needed). Interested students can find the application
form at The deadline for applications is 11:59 pm PT,
February 25, 2007. Student Volunteer positions are open students from all
disciplines and universities/faculties, including some online schools such as
Animation Mentor.

Should you have any questions, please send us an e-mail at
or visit our website at The FAQs
( and
( ) pages
offer additional information. The online application is available now
( and will remain
open until 11:59 pm PT, February 25, 2007. Please encourage students from all
around the world to apply by posting a news item on your page - with the help
of the community, SIGGRAPH 2007 will truly be an insightful experience. Thank
you for your support!


Alex M. Lehmann
Student Volunteers Program
Outreach Program Director

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