Friday, May 04, 2007

Eye Rigging R&D 2: Cluster/Joint arrays for lid deformation

OK, more geekery with apologies for the non-CG folks who stop by to read. Some folks asked for a further explanation of the cluster array I described in my previous post about eye rigs. I mentioned that I use a fanned out array of clusters to bend and shape the lid to plus the emotion of the puppet. Even though I used clusters you could do the same thing with joints, and to illustrate the concept joints are actually easier to use. So follow along and see if this makes sense. (click the images to see & read things better)
I hope that makes sense and fills in some blanks. Rigging is extremely difficult to be brief with because it is so technical. I hope to do more of these little quick hit rigging R&D posts as time goes by. The hard part is finding the time- as always. heh.
Now I gotta get back to other stuff I’m falling behind on.

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