Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Following Mayerson

Mark Mayerson has decided to post his master’s thesis (in chunks) on his blog. The paper is title Six Authors in Search of a Character: The Collaborative Nature of Performance in Animated Films. He is exploring the challenges facing animators in the creation of a cohesive character performance. The prime obstacle to doing this well is the fact that animators rarely ever have 100% control over a character for the entirety of a film or project.

Mark has been a thoughtful commentator on animation for a good long while now and I’m always interested in his writings. He doesn’t usually get too caught up in navel gazing- a common problem with animation writers. I especially like his intelligent analysis of previous animation efforts. The stuff he’s posted about Pinnocchio recently has been wonderful and insightful. I’m willing to bet that this effort will be no less interesting.

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