Friday, June 15, 2007

Clay-styled CG fun!

From Cg-Talk….

Done in Maya to emulate stop motion clay. Very nicely done- it certainly passes for clay stop-motion. Of course this would have been quite a bit easier using clay, I bet. I understand the idea of experimenting and trying new things. I do it all the time. I’m still looking for a uniquely CG style of animation that isn’t an emulation of hand drawn, stop-motion, puppet, reality, After Effects, paper cutout, etc. Is it really true that Pixar found the one and only style of design & motion that is uniquely CG lo so many years hence? CG seems to be ever the Xerox of animation, a doppleganger. I still wonder if there isn’t another visual/motion style (othe than the one we already have) that can be specifically CG and can be no other. It’s alright if there isn’t another one, but I’m still curious.

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